The best way to remove Acne Scars


Acne scars are a distraction for people who let acne inflammation spread and sometime it becomes a pothole. Some people are even more likely to try to squeeze acne in the wrong way, causing ordinary acne to become acne inflammation, while stimulating acne to become more severe.

The best protection is to try to prevent acne, or if it is, then have to find a way to make inflammatory acne collapse faster without leaving a trace. However if we can’t keep the skin filling the hole 100%, but we can restore new tissue cells and fill the hole by 70-80%.

Severity level of Acne Scar

  1. Rolling scar level (general level) This level of acne hole is like a shallow sink, a concave puddle, eating only a small amount of upper area of the skin, which is often caused by unpacking acne at a level that is not very deep and treats much easier than any other level. You can use the remedy to replenish the skin.

2. Box scar level (moderate lymphatic level) This level of acne hole is like a pond. There is a clear edge and a wider and more shallow than the Ice pick scar level. This level of acne can treat with drug and the treatment. The pit marks may have left some traces of dark spots. But if you’re focused on taking care of and maintaining it well, it’s quite a satisfactory result after treatment.

3. Ice pick scar level (most severe level) This type of acne hole is a narrow mouth hole but it is very difficult to treat, because the hole is deep .  It takes a very long time to restore.

Remove Acne scars with Dermapen

Dermapen is an At-home beauty tool that can stimulate skin to create collagen and elastin. As a result, this process can improve acne scars and also other skin problems such as wrinkles and pigmentation.

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